Cabin lost heat; nearest HVAC tech was miles away

When my friends and I said that we wanted to go out and rough it in a cabin, I don’t think that anyone was prepared for exactly what happened.

We were looking forward to finding an awesome cozy cabin to spend intimate friend time in the middle of the woods.

We wanted something rather desolate with an awesome view and access to a lot of hiking trails and outdoor activities. We really were dead set on finding somewhere far away from other human beings. We wanted to get far out of the city, possibly even out of the states, and extremely distance from all other meddling people. It seemed like a tall order until we found the perfect cabin. It was located out on top of a mountain, on a private piece of land and quite far away from the nearest town. This sounded perfect. However, when we were booking the cabin, we didn’t expect that the heating system would fail as soon as we arrived. When we walked inside, we adjusted the thermostat to get a little extra heat inside the cabin. Immediately, there was a strange smell coming through the air vents and we heard a very loud and unsettling sound coming from the forced air furnace. Soon, cold air with streaming from the air vents and we were shivering in our boots. There was no fireplace or alternative source of heating, so I picked up the phone and tried to call the property owner. They told us the nearest HVAC technician was 2 hours away and wouldn’t be able to make it up the mountain for several days. When we wanted a rustic, isolated experience in the woods, we weren’t expecting to be trapped in an ice cold cabin.

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