Cabin in the Woods

Several years ago, someone I know decided to get away from life for a while and go stay in his hunting cabin in the woods. Apparently, this is a very primitive cabin. It has an outhouse instead of a bathroom, and the kitchen sink needs to be pumped to get water. HVAC? Forget about it. I, personally, do not want to go anywhere without a bathroom and heating and cooling options, but my friend really just wants to get away from the rat race for a while. It seems that this hunting cabin has been in his family for ages, and it is really far away from everything. In fact, he says that it is not even recorded anywhere as actually being there. It was built by his grandfather or something way back in the day, and the men in his family have used it as a place to go fishing and hunting ever since. You notice I say men. There are not many women who would go to a cabin in the woods that has no a/c and no toilet. I certainly understand that! I want to get away form the rat race, too, but I want to go to a tropical resort with all the amenities of life. I want modern HVAC systems that can provide a/c at the flip of a switch, salons where I can get a massage in air conditioned comfort, and a swimming pool with a heater! I know I am spoiled, but a cabin in the woods with no running water and no a/c is just not the place for me.

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