Buying a up-to-date apartment with air duct

I am currently shopping to buy a up-to-date house! I have been renting for a number of years, and the time has finally come to invest in a apartment of our own… One major thing I am looking for that is proving to be hard, is finding a up-to-date apartment that has up-to-date air duct, however as crazy as that sounds, I am looking for a apartment with up-to-date air duct because having up-to-date air duct, along with a brand up-to-date central heating and a/c could certainly save you a lot of money on energy use. I have found that with homes that have older air duct, the central heating and a/c, no matter how up-to-date it is, tends to work a bit overtime. With fresh up-to-date air duct, the central heating and a/c happens to work a lot better. After all the peculiar homes I have lived in and rented over the years, this is how I figured all of this out. I have asked multiple real estate people to assist in finding a apartment with brand up-to-date air duct, and they even told myself and others that it is going to be hard! Most homes, unless they are freshly built still have their seasoned air duct. I tried to explain our experience about the central heating and a/c with seasoned air duct being high in energy use, and they all kind of look at our love I am out of our darn mind. I hope to find a up-to-date apartment with up-to-date air duct soon, however then I can move in and enjoy life!

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