Buying a new beach house with air duct

I am currently shopping to buy a new house; I have been renting for a number of years, and the time has finally come to invest in a beach house of our own, and one major thing I am looking for that is proving to be hard, is finding a new beach house that has new air duct, and as deranged as that sounds, I am looking for a beach house with new air duct because having new air duct, along with a brand new central HVAC plan could undoubtedly save you a lot of money on energy use.

I have found that with homes that have older air duct, the central HVAC system, no matter how new it is, tends to toil a bit overtime, then with fresh new air duct, the central HVAC plan happens to toil a lot better.

After all the different homes I have lived in and rented over the years, this is how I figured all of this out. I have asked several real estate people to assist in finding a beach house with brand new air duct, and they even told myself and others that it is going to be hard, then most homes, unless they are freshly built still have their old air duct. I tried to explain our experience about the central HVAC plan with old air duct being high in energy use, and they all kind of look at our care about I am out of our darn mind. I hope to find a new beach house with new air duct soon! Then I can transfer in and appreciate life!

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