Butting heads over custom furniture

For the last three years my wife and I have been planning a major renovation of the house. There are a ton of “little” things we have been wanting done, and we decided to mash them all together and do a total facelift for the house all at once. We are getting new floors, upgraded bathroom fixtures, new appliances, as well as completely redoing all of the interior design choices. It will be a ton of work, but since we have been saving up for so long we can pay the workmen to do most of it. The one thing we are 100% responsible for is finding appropriate but elegant furniture and artwork for the newly renovated house. We have been doing a lot of digging, and have both agreed on a company that specializes in custom made furniture to handle our new furnishings. The only problem is that we want very different styles for out custom chairs, tables, etc. My wife is dead set on getting furniture in the Modern Hollywood Regency style, as she think it is very sleek and eye catching. For me, I am settled on the French Provincial Manor style, because I think it looks like very classy and high end furniture. We both agree that the custom furniture can’t be a mix and match of styles, we need to pick one or the other. She thinks she will prevail in this battle of wills, but she doesn’t quite understand how deeply in love with the French Provincial Manor style of furniture I have become.