Building management

When my fiance was transferred closer to the city, I knew that meant changing jobs.  I was already traveling a fair distance to work every day, plus I needed to experience something different. I had actually been working as an electrician for the past several years, and I had l received a lot of experience. I interviewed for a few of jobs in the city, and one of the openings was actually working for a company that specializes in replacement of building management systems. I did not possess much experience with these models of building management systems, because I had been working on residential jobs.  Most of our day was spent repairing generators or fixing light switches. So, when I got the task, I was perplexed. I was the fourth of a four man crew, plus every one of us were sent downtown to a newly opened insurance building. It was our task to install all the sensors for their building management system. These sensors are situated throughout the interior plus on the outside of the building. The sensors relay key information to a main computer that then monitors the buildings systems such as the Heating & A/C, the lighting, plus the security system. I spent all of the week installing these sensors. My arms resemble jello because I have been up on a ladder this whole week. I’m ready for multiple days of rest plus relaxation. My fiance and I are both off for the coming weekend.  I think we are going to leisurely drive into wine country to sample some reserves. It’s a favorite thing of ours to do to unwind. My fiance is fired up for a wonderful adventure, plus it’s been a particularly draining week for me.

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