Building Energy Conservation

My husband and I built our home in 1985. Up until then, we had never heard of Building Energy Conservation. It wasn’t until we had hired the contractor that we heard about certain bills and laws that had been put into place in 1981. These bills and laws were created to ensure new buildings, both homes and industry, would be energy efficient and energy conservative. I was worried because I didn’t know anything about building energy conservation. Our contractor told us that the law put full responsibility on him, as the contractor. If we hadn’t hired a licensed contractor, then whomever is building the home, or building, assume the responsibility for the completed building. The Building Energy Conservation Act applies to all buildings that are meant to be shelter for public assembly or educational, business, mercantile, or residential occupancy. There are some exceptions to this act, but it pertains to buildings that do not have heating or cooling. The Building Energy Conservation does not pertain to buildings that are meant to store machinery. The Building Energy Conservation does not pertain to log buildings that use mostly logs and it also does not pertain to historical buildings. Building Energy Conservation is meant for buildings built after 1981 to conserve on energy use and to protect the environment. I couldn’t believe how much information we were able to glean from the conversation we had with our contractor. I walked away knowing that my home was going to be energy efficient and we would be conserving energy. Thirty-five years later, we were still using less energy than anyone else in our area.
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