Building a mountain wasn’t the move we expected

My wife and I would watch these travel shows about these people who live in the mountains.

They seem to always have patches of snow no matter what time of year it was.

We liked the idea of never needing any air conditioning. We would see them in their cabins with old coal stoves or fireplaces to keep them warm. That is the kind of heating I wanted. I didn’t want to need to worry about a furnace and having someone service it. I wanted to do my own farming and the only modern equipment I wanted was electricity and an indoor bathroom. When we found the property we wanted, we cleared the land and built our home. We never gave thought to the fact that all the shows we watched, had trees surrounding the area and that it was beautifully shaded everywhere but in their gardens. When our house was built, we didn’t have any formal HVAC system, thinking it was going to be comfortable with just the fireplace for heating. When summer arrived, it was so hot in the house that we thought we were going to suffocate. We couldn’t understand why it wasn’t as cool as it looked in all of those shows. We have one neighbor that is within a mile of us and he visits every once in a while. He laughed at our ideas and told us that first off, we don’t live in Alaska and secondly, with all the sun that hits the house, we need air conditioning. He said that he has modern heating and air conditioning in his little cabin and he wouldn’t want anything different.


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