Brother With a Fireplace

My brother is a bit of an outdoorsman. We were raised in a fairly rural area, constantly exploring the woods or going for boat rides in the lake. While I have a true love for nature, my brother takes this passion a step further. He has a small farm in his backyard. Since he lives on a good bit of land, he built a chicken coop and raises about a dozen chickens. He collects the eggs and sells them locally. In addition, he has a garden of vegetables and spices. I make sure I get my share of the goods, but that kind of lifestyle is not for me. My brother is so old fashioned that he actually relies on a wood burning fireplace for heating. I’m not going to lie, it is very relaxing to go to his house in the winter because there’s always a hot, crackling fire. It keeps us surprisingly warm! The one downside is that it does not evenly distribute the heat throughout the house like most heating methods do. While the living room was warm and cozy, the rest of the house was quite chilly! Not to mention, it must have been a lot of work to maintain the fire at all hours of the night. Granted, the rooster must wake him up early! Either way, I am comfortable with my current heating and cooling system. We have radiant heated floors, which allow heat to rise and evenly distribute throughout the entire household. The heated floors are silent and require very little maintenance. When I see how much effort my brother has to put in to keeping his house warm, I feel extra grateful for my heated floors. I don’t know why he prefers it that way!

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