Broken Space Heater

I have had several space heaters in my home for a few years now to run with my fireplace in the winter time months. Recently, one of those space heaters broke down on me! I was not sure what to do, as calling a heating and cooling company to send out a certified heating and air conditioning specialist would probably be ridiculous for something that would cost probably half of what a heating and cooling company would charge just for the trip alone. However, this time of year towards the end of the winter time months heading into spring, there is not many hardware stores that still have space heaters in stock so I could buy a brand new and up to date replacement for the space heater that just broke on me. I was in a real dilemma. I could just forget about it and let it go till next year, however, it is unusually still cold because of a lot of rain we had been having. So I am still using the space heaters and the fireplace. I do have a working central heating and cooling system that could give me central heating, but that would raise my electric bill if I had to use the central heater more than a week. I do not know what this crazy weather is going to do next. I just had my air conditioning on last week, but then turned back on to the space heaters and fireplace this week. I suppose I will make my decision at the end of the week and just use my central heater for now.

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