Broken car heater

I have begun to truly hate my car.  On the coldest day of winter, my thermostat decided it was time to quit.  I know that thermostats don’t have a brain, but I also know that it chose a horrible to quit working.  I had wonderful heat for the first ten miles. Then my husband had to turn down the thermostat. He thought it was too warm in the car.  When he adjusted the thermostat, was when the problems began. The heater was no longer throwing out good heat. I bumped up the thermostat a couple of degrees and I felt some heat again.  Within seconds, I was getting more cold air. We were heading to visit family, it was only 9 degrees at 1PM and it was getting really cold. We now had the thermostat set at eighty and the car would warm up for a few minutes and then cool off again.  Something was going wacky with the thermostat, but we were thirty miles from home and still had another twenty until we got to my sister’s house. We had a blanket in the back of the car, from when my granddaughter had brought it with her. I was so glad that she had forgot to take the blanket back into her house.  I wrapped the blanket around me and shared a bit of it with my husband. I figured he was the one who had dared to turn the thermostat down, which started this entire heater fiasco, so he didn’t need much more than a bit of the blanket over his lap.

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