Break for lunch

My best friend and I work for a very busy Heating and Air Conditioning Supply firm. We are constantly busy through the week, and sometimes we don’t get time for a lunch break. Usually, we pick up a burger or taco from the fast food restaurant between jobs. Whenever there is a long installation for the day, our boss always makes us to take a lunch break. Because the insulation jobs can take eight hours, our boss wants to be sure that we are hydrated and fed. It’s never been a problem until last week. My best friend and I were working on a heat pump and air conditioning installation, and we started around 10 in the morning. The job was going to be all day, so my best friend and I decided to break for lunch around 2:30. The homeowner was irate, when my best friend and I said we were leaving to take an hour for lunch. She was aggravated, because we left before the heat pump job was finished. My best friend and I explain that the job was going to take all day, and we needed to eat some lunch. The minute that we left the property, the customer called the owner of our heat pump and Air Conditioning Supply firm. She complained about our attitude, and she complained that we left before the job was done. My boss politely told the customer that the Federal Law requires all employees to have an hour break for lunch. When we came back to finish the job after lunch, the customer gave us dirty looks the rest of the afternoon.

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