Booze drinks and thermostat control

In college me and my friends and I were all part of the same fraternity. During the middle year, we started working on a new microbrew for our house. My friend Dylan and I worked on a recipe for our brew. This recipe included hops, orange peels, and dark chocolate. It took 2 months to get the taste perfect. We then were selling our microbrew at parties. Everyone was amazed by the taste, and we sold the entire first batch in less than a week! We started making larger batches, while trying different recipes. Before the end of our senior year, we had 6 microbrew flavors and one cider.  My dad caught wind of our ideas, and offered to let us use his garage for our brewery. That gave us some extra space. We had to make adjustments to the garage, like cleaning and sanitizing the area. We also got an HVAC system. We special ordered one of the HVAC units with air purification system that helped keep our brew room free of dust and other contaminants. We monitored the humidity and temperature levels in the room, using our cell phones. We made extra cash for a smart thermostat. When we are away from the brewery, we could still monitor the temperature and humidity levels in the garage. It’s been real nice to have all this extra space to create the new brew. My dad thinks we can eventually start our own small brewery, if we can work out another seven or eight different flavors!

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