Boating and no a/c

My favorite thing in all the world, is to be on a boat in the middle of the gulf and fishing.  I don’t have a boat of my own yet, but I hope to have one soon. In the meantime, my best friend has a fishing boat.  He often invites me to go out and do some shrimping with him, in the middle of the bay. We have such a great time, but I sometimes get some seasickness.  My friend has an air conditioned cabin below deck. He told me that if I get out of the sun and go below, the air conditioning will help me to get over being seasick.  I went below and he was absolutely right. Ten minutes in the air conditioning and I was feeling perfectly fine again. Last week, I went out and I was looking for a boat to buy.  I told the salesman the boat that I wanted and I told him that I wanted to have a below deck cabin with air conditioning. I feel that if I had a boat of my own, I could go fishing whenever I wanted to and I wouldn’t have to ask someone to take me along.  The cost of a boat with air conditioning is really expensive, but I decided that is what I want. If I can’t afford the air conditioned cabin, then maybe it will be cheaper to buy a boat with just the cabin. I will gladly buy a portable air conditioner and take it onto the boat, if I have to

air conditioning device