Blue Bird Day

We call them “Blue Bird” days. These are the days when the sun is shining and there are perfectly blue skies without a cloud in the sky, everything just seems brighter. You just want to be outside enjoying the sunshine and blue skies. The temperature number is not nearly as important as the humidity number. We do not have that many below freezing days so it is possible to enjoy the outdoors on most of the beautiful days. Perfect Blue Bird days do not happen nearly as often as we would like in the southeast, it gets hot too early in the year and 70 percent humidity is normal. Blue Bird days are the days you want to shut off the HVAC unit and open all the doors and windows just to get the fresh air into your house. Since humidity levels below 50 percent are pretty rare down here, the air conditioner is key to staying comfortable inside. While we do not normally think about humidity and air conditioning, we will turn on the air conditioner just to get the humidity out of the house whether the temperature warrants it or not. If we have one of these perfect days when the temperature is below 65 degrees, I will often just have to look out the window or go for a ride in the car because we need the heater working in our house. While we love to open up our house, I am not willing to forego the comfort my HVAC system provides to do this very often.


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