Blizzards can be a problem

I hate going to the dentist for virtually any reason. This morning, I had an appointment scheduled for a filling. My appointment was supposed to be at eleven o’clock, but I was stuck sitting in the waiting room until around noon. I am used to the dentist keeping me waiting, so I was prepared. I brought along a novel to read to pass the time.  However, nothing prepared me for the chill of the waiting room. At the start of November, the weather is pretty mild, but autumn has definitely begun. The leaves have changed colors and are steadily falling, and the current temperature was around sixty-five degrees. I was comfortable in sweatpants and a T-shirt, but I brought along a jacket as well since it looked like it could rain. I was very thankful for this jacket, because the office was unbelievably cold. They had to have been blasting the air conditioner all day. I could feel the cold air pouring out of the supply vents. I tried moving seats a few times, but I was unable to avoid getting hit by this super cold air. Once I was called back into the main office room, I was hopeful that my appointment would move along. The dental hygienist sat me in the chair, affixed a bib around my neck, and left me alone.  Now I had to wait twenty more minutes, getting tortured by the air conditioner. I’m wondering when the dentist stops running the air conditioner and turns on the heater? Today was the perfect day to go without using any HVAC system; they could have cut down on energy costs and enjoyed some fresh air.

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