Birds nest on A/C unit

After the winter snows melted I went outside and uncovered my air conditioner compressor in preparation for the summer heat.

This area goes from freezing cold to roasting hot almost overnight.

We don’t really have a Spring or Fall. We just have Winter and Summer. That is why I start preparing for Summer almost as soon as Winter ends. However, as soon as I removed the air conditioner cover, I noticed that we had a problem. There was a bird’s nest under the cover and it had eggs in it. I called a wildlife rescue place to find out if I could move the nest and they recommended that I not do that. So we could not use the air conditioner until these birds grow up and fly away on their own. That could be a few months. I replaced the cover and then just hoped that this year would be different and that it would not get super hot for a few months. Unfortunately, it started getting hot well before that time. I ended up having to buy a few window air conditioning units to keep us cool for a few more weeks while we watched the bird parents care for their young. Soon enough, the baby birds were out hopping around with their parents. Then they left entirely. It was fun watching them but I hope they don’t nest here next year. Window air conditioners just don’t work as well as central A/C does. I am glad to be able to keep the cover off the air conditioner and use it like it is intended to be used now.


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