Best news ever

When we decided it was time to take the plunge and become homeowners, we had no clue what we were doing.  We looked at many properties and fell in love with a little cottage on the lake. We only saw the attaction of lake front living and the owners seemed really nice.  Once the transaction was complete we were excited to move in and start our new life. Well, things went south quickly as we realized the mistake of not having a home inspection prior to purchase. The roof needed repairs, as we found out during the first heavy rains and the windows might as well not have been there when it came to holding in any sort of heat or air conditioning.  We needed to upgrade those before winter or we would be heating the outdoors too. We did, however, get some great news when it came to the HVAC system. The previous owners had purchased a home maintence plan when they installed the new system a few years back. When we called the HVAC dealer they had told us about we were thrilled to learn that the agreement had transferred with the new ownership.  Many of these don’t and we were happy to hear that it did. They also said that the owners had always maintained the system so there should be no major issues. We arranged for them to come service the units and loved the fact that we didn’t have to pay for anything. This was a relief because we were spending a lot on the other repairs. With new windows, a new roof, and a great HVAC system, our energy costs should drop dramtically over the next year and beyond.  

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