Best friends with my boiler

My best friend and I always seem to be at odds, and never agree on anything. I’ll suggest that we go to a barbeque joint for lunch, but he’ll push for Italian fare. I’ll say that we should take a trip to the mountains, and he’ll say we should go to the beach instead. Truly one of the most conflicting relationships in which I’m involved, my bestfriend and I seem to love the contrast we have. One thing we do agree on, however, is the heating system I have installed at my home. Living up North, you have to have reliable forms of heat to keep the house warm and tolerable during the harsh days of Winter. Whenever my best friend’s oil furnace runs out of fuel, he’s quick to brave the snow and freezing temperatures just to hang out at my house, and relax in the heat. My heating system uses a huge metal boiler and steam to warm my house. The best thing about my heater is how surprisingly efficient it is at heating my home. Since the boiler’s in the basement, the heat it generates comes up through vents in the living room, kitchen and study. The amount of heat it creates often leads me to crack a window, or cut the heat off only an hour after running it. My best friend thinks I’m crazy and that I should keep as much heat indoors as possible, but hey – we disagree on everything!

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