Best Friend Is Having A Girl

My best buddy is about to have a baby! The two of us have known eachother since we were youngsters, so it feels enjoy I am having a baby in a way.

And in one way it easily is true.

I guess that I will be asked to babysit a lot, and I am looking forward to it really. I want to make sure my beach house is baby safe though. I guess I will have my own baby one afternoon too, so I might as well start making my beach house ready now anyway; The first thing I looked into was whole condo heating. A baby is going to need to be warm! I have looked into radiant floors, and radiant floor heating. I guess this is superb because it will not dry the air out. This is pretty extravagant though. To start with I might just get a gas furnace tune up, central heating is pretty well took care of after all, for sure before my buddy has the baby I will make sure to make sure the boiling water boiler gets looked at too. I would not want there to be boiling water when I am babysitting! But I am also going to get my air conditioning looked at too. I will change the air conditioning filters myself, although I will have an Heating and Air Conditioning professional come out and make sure everything is in working order. I also am going to make sure that there are no heavy things that could fall on a baby, or any sharp edges in the house! If I do all this after that I guess I will be alright and the baby will be safe!

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