Beginning to think my investment into whole-home cooling was a waste of money

Last fall, my regular HVAC company offered a discount on the installation of a central cooling system.

By taking advantage of that special, as well as a manufacturer’s rebate, the upgrade into whole-home air conditioning was reasonable.

With the air handler and duct system already in place for the forced air furnace, the installation was completed quickly, with little disruption to the house. At that time, the weather was already cooling off. We started up the central cooling system simply to test operation. We didn’t get to enjoy the luxury of it. We then started up the furnace and faced a very long and brutal winter season. My whole family has been anxious for the warmer weather and the opportunity to run our new central air conditioner. I invested in a top-of-the-line model so that we could take advantage of 26 SEER, variable-speed compressor, wifi connectivity and zoned control. Unfortunately, the weather won’t cooperate. We had several inches of snow on Easter. It’s now the end of May, and I’m still tempted to run the furnace. The weather is overcast, rainy and cold. The inside of the house is constantly a bit chilly. Although the lilacs, tulips and rhododendrons are in full bloom, it’s still not warm enough to justify turning on the air conditioner. My whole family is getting discouraged. In our local area, the summer season is typically short. At the rate we’re going, we’re never going to need the air conditioner. It seems as if the weather is simply going to switch from winter back to fall again. I’m beginning to think my investment into whole-home cooling was a waste of money.


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