Before winter comes, I think we need to get our HVAC system serviced completely

Winter is coming soon, and the weather is already cooling off here where we live.

It did feel like we had one of the longest summers in history, at least in my opinion.

I feel like we had to run the air conditioning for months at a time, and our A/C bills this summer were very high. I thought that they were higher than normal. So anyway, last week when the weather started cooling off, I turned the A/C off completely and turned on the heating. The thermostat started blinking a warning that there was an issue with the air filter. So first, I went down to the furnace room and switched out the air filter to see if that would fix the furnace. There was still an alert on the digital programmable thermostat screen, though. I couldn’t figure out what the issue was, and so I called my local HVAC company to make an appointment. Since I hadn’t had the HVAC system completely serviced in two or three years, I told the lady at the HVAC company to just go ahead and schedule me for a complete maintenance appointment and an overhaul of my heating and cooling system. I guess now is the time of the year that everyone around here is doing their HVAC maintenance, though. The schedule at the HVAC company was really full, and they aren’t able to fit me in until two weeks from now. I would really prefer to get the heating fixed before then, but I guess it’s lucky for me that it’s not freezing cold outside yet.

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