Barely any people outside due to storm

There was a storm brewing outside, and I was loving every second of it.

Unlike most people, who duck to take cover from any potential storms, I enjoy every second of them.

Even dangerous weather, while I know I shouldn’t be outside, I choose to do it anyway. One day it’s going to kill me. Today was one of those days, where the dark clouds hang low in the sky, and you can practically smell the rain. I figured I might as well beat the storm to my favorite shopping place and get back early so I still have plenty of time to watch the storm. While I was out, I noticed there were very few people out today, and I figured it was because of the storm. This worked out in my favor, as I was able to get a special discount on stormy days causing a decrease in buyers. After I bought the things I wanted, I drove back home and sat on my porch. The storm quickly kicked up after that, and rain began to pour down hard. Lightning shot across the sky and bright flashes and bellowing thunder quickly followed. I watched the storm with admiration, and felt the wind whip my hair all over. Unfortunately, the storm was beginning to get too bad, and they predicted a hurricane was coming. I didn’t feel like dying, so I decided to go on inside after. Oh well, I could watch the storm from my window next to my a/c system. I guess my air conditioner could serve as my cooling breeze. My AC wasn’t nearly as nice, but at least it kept me cool.

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