Band plays with poor indoor air quality

When my church had a huge charity drive, we asked for sponsors and volunteers. We had a lot of luck finding both. We were able to procure a live Christian music band. They were new on the scene, and touring with some big-name bands and the area. My church was happy to have some live music for the event. I was in charge of the activities, and part of my job was making sure that the band was happy. When the music group arrived to the church, they ask for a private room. I was happy to accommodate their request. They also asked for a basket of fresh muffins and fruit. After that, they asked for five minutes of peace and quiet without interruptions. I was happy to oblige with that request also. When it came time to perform, the band started to complain about the indoor air quality. The church was warm and a bit uncomfortable, but our entire congregation was there to see the band play music. With people moving in and out of the church all day, of course it was humid and warm. The indoor air quality was less than enthusiastic, but I didn’t think it warranted complaints from the band. They insisted that we adjust the thermostat. They wanted us to set the thermostat to 68 degrees, and they wouldn’t perform until the indoor air quality was better. I stood there with an open mouth. I couldn’t believe these demands. I talked to the church director and he told me to follow their instructions. That was a surprising day, and I learned something odd that day.