BACnet protocol

Working for a company that designs new computer programs can be a lot of fun.  We are responsible for everything from mathematical programs to calculate statics to ones that operate devices for helping accomplish everyday tasks.  Now, we are not the only ones in the race to develop these programs and competition can be tough. Any leaks in the information chain could cost us huge profits.  For this reason there are very high security measures taken where I work. We not only have to swipe cards just to get in the building but we have a two step login process just to sign in to work.  They building also has fully automated security monitoring that includes cameras everywhere with the exception of the restrooms. You never really know when you are being watched so you always have to be on your best behavior.  Any altering of your work habits could be construed as a breach of the rules and the upper management could fire you just because they don’t trust you. I love my job and really feel like I can make a difference in the lives of others my designing programs to make life easier, but, the constant worry of losing my job for doing something out of the ordinary can be stressful too.  I have seen the cameras move from time to time so I know that someone is monitoring them. I figure it is at a remote site somewhere that can use the internet to complete this task. Security system can be quite complicated and you never know when the big bosses are watching.