Babysit the new A/C guy

I hate being the guy who is responsible for babysitting the new A/C technicians. I feel like it’s day camp, and I’m stuck being the camp counselor. It usually happens twice each year, when the spring and fall semester is over. There is an HVAC training school in the area, and our company takes a few recruits from the fall and spring classes. They aren’t certified A/C technicians when they finish school, because they require several hundreds of hours of on-the-job training. We provide this training in a learning environment. My boss has a special deal with the HVAC trade school. He has several employees that graduated from the school, and I think one of his brothers is on the board of directors. I’m not exactly sure what happens, but they definitely scratch each other’s back. Last week, we hired three new recruits, and one of them has been assigned to ride with me. I hate babysitting the new A/C tech. We will spend most of the day working on A/C repairs and installations, and I will spend most of that time explaining every step of the process. It can be mentally and physically exhausting. A lot of my coworkers like having someone training with them, because it gives them an extra set of hands. I think that a new A/C recruit just adds to my frustration, because they ask a lot of questions and usually get in the way. I guess it’s part of my job to be a team player, but I would rather work by myself.