Awful AC in my new car, I found out when the weather turned

Turns out, I should not be trusted to go buy an automobile all on my own.

This is kind of what I had assumed, although I wanted to strap on my big-girl pants as well as do the adult thing on my own. I went confidently away to the car dealership as well as track down a Salesman in order to help me out. I told him instantly which car year make as well as model I was interested in. I rejected all her attempts to upsell me a very peculiar automobile as well as was feeling pretty proud of the excellent bargaining tasks that I did. I certainly thought that I had a single of the car buying game, as well as I was walking around with my head held high for quite a while. That is, until the weather turned as well as the Summer heat settled into our region of the country. All of a sudden, our yearly temperature went from 55 degrees everyday to 90° everyday. This was a time of rapid changes in both lifestyle as well as opinion of my car purchasing decisions. Early One morning, I climbed into my car as well as it was too tepid to begin driving. I turned on the air conditioner plan as well as cranked it up as high as it would go. It was about two hours into the drive when I realize that the car had only gotten hotter since I started driving. I switched the AC on as well as off a few times, as well as held my hand up by the air vent. Nothing but sweltering and tepid air was flowing through the vents. That’s when I realized, I hadn’t used the AC the entire time that I had on this vehicle. I purchase the car in cold weather, as well as I never inspected to see if the air conditioner was functional before I left the lot. Spoilers, the AC was broken as well as I had to negotiate with my car mechanic to get it working again.

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