Now I gotta find a dog bite attorney!

There is nothing you could do to get me to leave rural MI.

The green hues on the tree leaves each summer paint a gorgeous backdrop to the landscape that goes in every direction.

I prefer going to the water plus taking a dip or casting out a fishing line to catch a fish or two. Although my boys are still too young to fish, the three of us can still wade in the water with my wife sitting on the sidelines having a good time. Although the Winter seasons are harsh plus unrelenting, there is a gentler side of MI that is revealed when life starts again each year following the winter thaw. Since we live so far out of the city, we’re fortunate to be secluded from all of the harsh cities. We have a sense of peace and solitude that few ever experience in life, regardless of whatever country or town they live in. Even with all of these ideals, I still had to take my daughter to the emergency room a few days ago after getting bitten by the neighbor’s dog. We were all out in the front yard just an hour before dinner 1 night when I heard barking plus the sound of an animal running at a fast clip in our direction. The dog lunged for my daughter plus I had to hurt it with a shovel to save my daughter’s life. My wife caught the entire event on camera, but the neighbor still insists he can press charges for his dog’s minor injuries. Even after showing him my daughter’s injuries and telling him I had a video, the guy is pissed. I need to find a personal injury lawyer for dog bites but there are none in this section of MI.



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Mistaken identity gone too far

I have a bit of PTSD from an experience I had last year when I was pulled over for driving over a yellow line. It was the middle of the night plus I was just trying to get home after a long night of working at the local bar. I was obeying all traffic laws but I must have slipped over the line one time. When the red plus blue lights started flashing in my rear view mirror, I immediately hit my brake and plus started pulling onto the side of the road. But when I went to hand the deputy my license and automobile registration, he ordered me out of the automobile plus told me to lay face first on the road. As I was pinned to the road at gunpoint by the first officer, the second got out of the car plus began rifling through my car. They accused me of being high, drunk and trafficking drugs while I sobbed that they had the wrong man. I had no drugs or alcohol inside of me; in fact, the entire incident was a result of mistaken identity because of my slight swerve. When they realized they had the wrong guy, they acted as if nothing had happened and left the scene while I was shaking on the road. I looked all over Detroit to find an attorney who would take my case against the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office on the case of police misconduct plus brutality. I still think about the incident on a daily basis. I get fearful when I’m in my automobile at night and wonder if I’ll get pulled over again.

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I’m not the only 1 curious to try marijuana now that it is legalized.

I was shocked to see a single of them was our dad

I had never thought that I was the only guy who wasn’t sad to try marijuana when it became legal. I didn’t realize exactly how many people I knew personally, who were also anxious. I tried to hide it when I took our first trip to the local legal marijuana dispensary. I looked all around to make 100% sure there wasn’t anyone I knew laying outside the marijuana dispensary. I didn’t want to be jeered at or made fun of for wanting to go to the dispensary. When I entered the dispensary, it appeared to be empty until I heard voices coming from the back room. As the bell rang over the doorway, someone came out from the back room. He apologized for not being out there to greet me. I had only been in the marijuana store for a hour or two. The first thing he did was to look at our state ID to make sure I was over twenty-one plus that it wasn’t a fake ID. The people I was with and I talked about why I was at the dispensary plus I told him I was looking for quality recreational marijuana. He explained how much I could purchase plus that I had to take it back to my condo to use it. I could not be in public, or in our car. If the marijuana was open up plus I got pulled over, I could be fined. As the person talked to me, I saw two of my own relatives come out from the back room. I was shocked to see a single of them was our dad. He grinned sheepishly as he paid for his marijuana. He wrapped his arm around our shoulders plus told myself and others I didn’t have to buy. I couldn’t assume that our dad would have shown up in a marijuana dispensary even if the marijuana had been legalized.


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Maybe I should open our own marijuana dispensary

For the last few weeks, I had been driving almost two hours to the city, so I could go to the legal marijuana store.

Since the legal marijuana stores had been allowed to open, I entirely thought the people I was with and I would have 1 or 2 in our area, but that hadn’t happened yet. I decided I should find out how to open up a legal marijuana store in our area. I talked to our father plus he was willing to help myself and others with the proper funding. I had to go to the local company group plus get the information, plus sign up for a business license. I couldn’t assume all the classes I had to take. It was prefer going back to college. There were a couple of times when I wondered if opening a legal marijuanan store was going to be a truly exhausting idea. After I had all of our classes plus training, I had to obtain a license to legally grow and handle marijuana. Once again, I was feeling a bit overwhelmed, but I persevered. I was a person on a mission, plus our mission was to open a nice, profitable legal marijuana store. I had to hire people who didn’t have a record with the police. They also had to go through some pretty in depth training on marijuana plus what it was used for, plus all the effects on the body. For the employees, they could take a lot of their training online. I was finally ready to place orders for our supplies. My father was right beside myself and others the entire time, even when I ordered our entire inventory. I am now the proud part-owner of our own legal marijuana store.

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I want to find a legal marijuana dispensary in our community.

Once I realized marijuana was now legal, I could wait to see a legal marijuana store crop up in this community. I heard a few of them were being created in the town that was near to us, but nothing seemed to be happening locally. I wasn’t sure if our community wasn’t allowing the marijuana stores to open their doors, or if not a single one of them was interested in opening a marijuana store. I kept hoping a single would open soon, but I kept hearing nothing. I had to go all the way to the town to get our marijuana. I wasn’t ecstatic needing to drive two hours to find a legal marijuana shop. I thought it was deranged that there wasn’t a single closer to where I lived. When I went into the shop, I was instantaneously calmed by the wonderful atmosphere. There was nice, calming music playing plus a pleasant face greeting me. I told her how I had been purchasing medicinal marijuana for our anxiety. Now that the people I was with and I had legal marijuana, I was hoping this would be simpler to obtain our marijuana plus cheaper if I came to an actual legal marijuana shop. She assured myself and others the people I was with and I would make the process easier. She was very nice and invited myself and others to sit down plus she gave myself and others a hot cup of Earl Grey tea. She explained what they gave plus if there was something special they didn’t have in stock, they could get it for me. The cost was a bit cheaper than what I had been paying. I was more than pleased with our experience in the marijuana store. I just wish there was a nice marijuana store nearer to where I live plus I didn’t need to drive two hours..


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I have cancer. Will medical marijuana be able to help?

My hubby recently came to my bedside the other day plus asked if I thought marijuana would help with the aches and pains plus nausea that came from our cancer.

I was honest about what I thought.

I wasn’t sure if I was well informed, but at this stage, I thought anything that could help him out would be worth the try. The next time the people I was with and I went to his doctor’s appointment, he was all set to ask the doctor about the marijuana. The doctor told him that he advised our hubby to try smoking marijuana. I was pleased that the doctor brought up the idea because I was sure our hubby would chicken out. He gave our hubby a piece of paper that had some more information on it. He said the people I was with and I should take it to the local medical marijuana store. He told us we no longer needed to have a prescription so all he had to do was hand the clerk the papers. The people I was with and I were sad when the people I was with and I entered the legalized marijuana store. It wasn’t what either of us expected. I’m not sure what I expected. My hubby gave the papers to the person at the front counter. He took it to someone in the back of the store. An older gentleman came out plus asked our hubby plus I to come back. He showed our hubby the many things he could use. He said he could smoke, prefer edibles, or use tinctures. He explained exactly what to expect from the marijuana. The people I was with and I walked out of that marijuana store, assured that the doctor was right about marijuana. He couldn’t wait to get back to the condo plus try the marijuana plus hopefully assume a bit more prefer his older self.


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I wanted to find a safe alternative to the millions of medicines I was taking.

I have been taking so many drugs as of late.

The doctor gave myself and others pain medication that was making myself and others ill.

He gave myself and others something else for nausea, but that just made myself and others assume worse still. I was taking blood pressure pills plus I had to take a water pill. I could go on plus on about our meds, but I’m sure you would rather not listen to them all. I was talking to the person at the cannabis dispensary. He asked myself and others what I needed to achieve by using weird marijuana products. I didn’t assume what to tell him other than I wanted to get off some of those medications plus still assume well. He said to myself and others that marijuana was a section of holistic medications. I was feeling so ecstatic I had come to this cannabis dispensary. I asked him if there was a difference between cannabis plus marijuana. He said it was basically the same thing. They had pot stores, CBD stores, cannabis, marijuana, plus bud. They all referred back to the same thing. Now that they had legalized cannabis dispensaries, it made it easier for people to find current ways to take care of some of their physical pains plus other disabilities. I would have never considered going to a cannabis dispensary if I hadn’t been in that wicked automobile wreck. I’m not able to task because I get such sharp pains in our back plus shoulders. I had every bone in our leg broken. I’m lucky to be alive plus if going to a cannabis dispensary to get something to help myself and others move around, I don’t guess that’s an exhausting thing.


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Will marijuana help out with our arthritis pain?

When I saw the first recreational marijuana store had open in our area, I was tempted to go in plus check it out right away.

  • Nothing the doctor did seemed able to ease the pain plus aches in our crippling joint twists due to arthritis.

He had myself and others on a lot of medications that had to have other meds to counteract the bad reactions I was having to the weird drugs. I walked away that day, but not the next day. I was in so much chronic pain that I couldn’t stay away any longer. I had heard how marijuana could help with the pain, plus I was ready to try it out. I called up the recreational marijuana store plus asked if they had a website. I got the information plus I hunted online. I was surprised at all the information I was able to find. They even had delivery to our area, so everything was contactless. I liked that idea because the people I was with and I were in an urban section that was still under quarantine from the pandemic. I put in a small order plus I selected some items I may want to sample. I received a iPhone call from the marijuana store, asking myself and others exactly when I wanted the delivery. They also told myself and others that what I bought may not be the right marijuana that I needed. He made a couple suggestions plus told myself and others that he was going to add in a few samples I hadn’t ordered. I couldn’t assume how simple it was to talk to the people in the marijuana store. The medical marijuana dispensary was always our first choice, but I’m so ecstatic they made marijuana legal so I didn’t need to go through the hassle of getting myself a medical marijuana prescription.


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They legalized marijuana, for real?

My mother acted like she had been traumatized when she found out they had legalized marijuana.

She said she couldn’t assume our wonderful country was going so far downhill that it was now allowing people to legally use awful drugs.

I sat there plus watched her as she downed her seventh martini. She had a bottle of wine, or more, every night with her breakfast. She smoked at least a pack of cigarettes every day, although she was talking about how it was immoral for someone to buy marijuana. She spouted off about how it is wrong to legalize marijuana. I had the audacity to point out her martini plus her wine, plus she glared before downing the drink plus walking away. I was lucky that all I got was a glare. I started calling all of our friends plus asking them if they had heard the great news. They had finally legalized marijuana. I assumed it was going to take a little while to get all of the rules implemented. They needed to train everyone who was going to grow the marijuna crops. The people who owned the legal marijuana stores, had to assume all of the laws. They had to assume everything they possibly could, about the weird strains of marijuana plus how they reacted to the body. They had to impart all of this information to everyone who worked for them. I could hardly wait until I saw a legal marijuana store opening in our area. I wanted to take the training plus try and get a task in the field. I am thinking that I may even decide to open a couple marijuana stores plus run them myself. Maybe I could be a small company owner in no time.

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I was looking for a recreational marijuana dispensary near me.

When I was a lot younger, I had no problem going to a ‘friend’ plus buying marijuana.

I smoked our marijuana hanging out in the garage, or at our friends’ houses.

I wasn’t sad about getting caught or worried about being punished by our parents. As I got older, I got sad about the idea of being caught. I didn’t want to end up in jail because of our proclivity for wanting to use marijuana. I celebrated for a week when they made recreational marijuana legal in our state. I was getting ready to find a good recreational marijuana store near me. I didn’t entirely guess they would be advertising, so I looked around online. I was able to find marijuana when it was illegal, by going on the internet. All you needed to do was to assume the right keywords plus assume what they ads were entirely saying. I was a fairly smart dude plus I entirely found a recreational marijuana store near me. I got into our automobile plus headed into the city. An hour later, I was laying in wait at the marijuana store, appreciatively sniffing the stinks that our mind remembered. I could no longer suss out what the marijuana strain was, but I knew the stink. I wanted to thank everyone who made it 100% legal for myself and others to buy the marijuana plus take it back to our home. What most surprised myself and others was when they gave myself and others some information on how using marijuana even helped with migraine headaches. He gave myself and others a sample of that headache-busting strain so I could try it first. I am so ecstatic I was able to go to a marijuana store. They carry so much more than recreational marijuana.

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