Athletic complex for school is badly needed

Our school never had a gym or any sort of athletic compound.

Physical education was really just jumping jacks in the parking lot. This worked fine when there were only about 200 students in total in the whole school. But over the past decade the school has grown from 200 students to over 800. We had a construction company come in to build a few more classrooms but the gym kept getting skipped over. There just wasn’t a budget for it. But thanks to a generous donation from one of our leading town members we finally were given the funds to have a brand new athletic compound constructed. Of course we hired the same construction company we had used for the classroom construction to do the athletic complex construction. We were very surprised when they said they would have the whole contract done over the summer break. I did not think that was possible. I work summers for summer school and to get everything ready for the new year. Everytime I came in to work in the morning I was surprised at how much work the contractors had completed in the previous 24 hours. It wasn’t long before the buildings were erected. Then they completed all of the inside work. Sure enough, we cut the ribbon and opened up our athletic complex and gym at the start of the school year. The contractors did an excellent job. Now our students can participate in all sorts of physical education courses and sports. We are already starting a basketball team and taking applications.

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