At least I am getting some cooling

I remember one day my father was so mad at me.

Since the house had no a/c equipment, I was just steaming mad all the time. I kept causing problems. Inside the house, my sister and I fought a bunch. At school I got into fights. At soccer practice I kept getting benched for fouls. My father had enough of my attitude and was going to let me have it. My dad picked up his gloves and then threw them again. I was really going to get yelled at now. My dad slapped his hands together and opened his mouth. He stopped just as fast as he started. My father than ran back to the house. In his 50s my dad was getting up there, he didn’t think so however the graying hair said otherwise. I spun around to just catch sight of the A/C system worker driving across the road and was after my dad like a shot. This was our third week without a cooling plan plus somehow the night was the worst of it. I was used to dripping with sweat due to the sunshine coming in. At night I enjoyed the cool air of our device. But periodically it would turn off randomly. The sound of it turning off was a horrible one. My dad met the maintenance person with a big grin plus rushed him to the horrible AC unit. The worker and our dad hung around the component after the task was completed for a chat about something. After it was all over, my dad looked at me plus I remembered the trouble I was in. I was thankful to at least have quality cooling in our house.


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