Are they allowed to ban furnaces?

Sometimes I really wonder where towns limitations of power live.

Can they really make dramatic sweeping laws for everyone within the city limits? I’m asking this right now because I am about to tell you something that you really will not believe has recently taken place in my town.

A lot of small towns have the most unproper rules being created. Well this small town that I live in just did the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard of. They are banning gas furnaces! Yes I am not kidding you! They recently sent out a notice to all the new home owners in the local space about how gas heating systems are a danger to the city air quality. Also they were saying how gas heating systems were dangerous to operate in general. I mean this makes sense. However I also know that if you actually look after your gas furnace and take proper care of it they will not create all the immense dangers that they are saying! I have had our gas furnace for a fairly long time, but now with the gas furnace being banned I am being suddenly forced to either sell our new home and transport my family to a normal town in the city or get rid of it, but getting rid of our trust you old gas furnace and replacing it with a central heating & A/C system proposal or possibly something else is going to be a bit hard for me to afford right now. I suppose I could maybe get some smaller space gas heating systems to install in our home, but this would not heat the entire cabin anyways!

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