Appointment mixup

Last week was the beginning of Spring. Since the temperatures are normally very warm, my wife and I decided to have a tune-up performed on the AC unit. My wife called the AC provider and made an appointment. The appointment was scheduled yesterday for the morning hours. My wife was home for the day, and I stayed home as well. We had a nice breakfast together. My wife made eggs and pancakes, and I grilled two pieces of ham outside. It was a tasty breakfast. We enjoyed our fixings on the patio, where the outdoor temperatures were warm with a gentle breeze. Ten minutes before our appointment time, the heating and air conditioning technician showed up. We were both pleased to see him arrive early. As soon as we opened the door, he asked us to show him the AC unit. After 10 or 15 minutes, he came to us and started talking about a replacement AC unit. My wife and I were both surprised, because we expected the technician to perform a routine tune up service on our AC unit. We did not expect him to tell us that our AC unit needed to be replaced. My wife and I were both astonished, and we ask for more information. The technician didn’t even bother looking at our AC unit for problems, because the appointment ticket said to replace the unit. Someone wrote down the wrong information, and the AC technician thought he was there to replace our system. After we figured out the problem, the technician provided us with a thorough HVAC inspection. Since there was a serious mix-up, he performed the inspection at no fee to my wife and I. We did NOT need to replace our AC unit.

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