Any type of cancer treatment

My sibling recently went through a barrage of testing & procedures for throat cancer. She spent weeks going through coughing up blood & not being able to eat. Finally, the dentist told his he wanted to try cryotherapy. She went to the dentist’s office & after numbing the throat, he froze the cancer nodules that was inside. Cryotherapy didn’t job the first time & three months later, he had to go back & get the nodules frozen & removed one more time. It has been three years since the last treatment, although he will soon be returning to have cryotherapy done again. A neighbor of mine had cervical cancer. After a round of chemotherapy & many months of agonizing, the dentist said he wanted to try a last treatment. Three times he had to go to the hospital where they put his through the pain of having the cancerous section of his cervix frozen. She was deemed the cancer was gone, however then three months after his final cryotherapy treatment, he had to have a hysterectomy. I believe that in both cases, cryotherapy was able to prolong their lives until they were strong enough to undergo more treatment that was able to save their lives. I’m not sure if cryotherapy will job for every cancer patient, however if it works for some of them, that means that someone may have an opportunity at a longer life. If my life was hanging in the shadows due to cancer & someone provided myself and others hope by going through cryotherapy treatment, I would say thank you. As in any type of cancer treatment, it may not always work, however cryotherapy is a treatment that is less invasive & can still offer some hope.

Cryo Pain Management