I have suffered a great deal over the years because of all my anxiety. I get pretty bad anxiety from all kinds of things like stressful situations, and even social anxiety. Finally I decided to go see a therapist to see if I could improve my condition. I was hoping to get something like hypnotic therapy where my anxiety could just be taken away through a few hypnosis sessions. Well, it was nothing like that at all. I was just in this office with this guy and we were talking about what was going on with me. The thing is, I didn’t feel comfortable right away. Not only did I feel stressed out about even having to see a therapist, but I was uncomfortable because the environment was entirely overheated. It was hot and stuffy and the air quality was not very good. Honestly, the air quality in my home is so much better than the air quality in this stuffy place! So I went through the entire session, and while we did talk about some interesting things and I learned about a few things I could try to help with my anxiety, I definitely didn’t want to go back! There was no way I would go back to such an uncomfortable place. I didn’t know if the cooling system wasn’t working or what, but I was actually sweating when I left. I decided the best thing for me was to just remain comfortable in a nice soothing environment with proper climate control. This way I wouldn’t be overly stressed and I could just deal with my anxiety as it came to me.

air quality