An outdoor winter wedding

When my husband and I got married, I teased him that I wanted an outdoor winter wedding.

He thought I was crazy but for some reason he agreed to it.

I went along with all of the plans for our winter wedding, but I really didn’t have any plans for having it outside. I loved the idea of the poinsettias along the aisle and the white velvet gown. I wanted a red sash and red ribbons going through the veil. My best friends helped me to get all of the details straightened out. We had found a venue that was really reasonably priced and they told us they had a brand new HVAC system so we didn’t need to worry about having enough heating for the reception. I kept looking at the lovely verandah that was right off the reception hall. As long as the snow wasn’t flying, we could have a patio heater where the altar would be set up. This would keep the officiant and us warm throughout the ceremony. The guests wouldn’t need to be outside, but the patio doors would need to be opened. I talked to the owner of the venue and he looked a bit taken aback, but he said he could set up the patio if that was what we wanted. The day of the wedding, it was snowing lightly and they had the patio all set up for the nuptials. The patio heater was running and the heating inside had everyone warm and cozy. Just as I got outside, an unexpected blizzard occurred. We grabbed the patio heater, pushed the doors shut and amidst a bit of laughter, we had the ceremony in front of the window with the snow in the background.

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