An odd place for inspiration.

The hype in town has been on an all time high lately.  Our local hockey team is in the playoffs for the first time in twenty years.  But we scored tickets to the third game my son and I were so excited to go and we arrived a full two hours early to get settled in our seats. There were a lot of pregame festivities and those were fun to watch as well but my son’s favorite thing to watch at any hockey game is the theatrics performed by the Zamboni.  If you aren’t familiar with a Zamboni it is the piece of equipment that is used to prepare the ice and smooth it in between periods of the hockey game. The thing I found most interesting at this particular game was the fact that they had sold advertisements and plastered them on the side of the Zamboni itself. One of the most prominent ads the side was that of a local HVAC company that offered to keep your home as cool as an ice skating rink during the summer. When you’re sitting in a hockey arena the last thing you are thinking about is air conditioning, but, it wasn’t effective way to make a point to all of us sitting there that we needed to have quality cooling in our homes when the summer’s were hot. Many people watching those playoff games will think of that exciting time and the name of the HVAC company that they saw on that Zamboni.  They will associate that company with the cool setting and excitement of the playoffs. It is hard to forget that image and whoever came up with that ad campaign was a genius.

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