An observation i had with furnaces

Sometimes I notice the most crazy things.

  • Or I should say, they are the most not important things in life.

Like the other day I had a thought that popped into my head from out of nowhere. I was thinking about the fact that furnaces are always placed in basements! It is very rare that you see a furnace in a garage or somewhere else in a home. Almost every single home that has a furnace for their heating has the furnace in the basement! Why is this? I always ask myself the most crazy questions like this when I get on a big rant in my mind. Call me crazy like I said…but it just really was bothering me! I wanted to know why furnaces are only in basements and hardly anywhere else in a home. Because of this crazy thought going through my head I took to the internet to start poking around to see if I could find more information about heating your home with a furnace. I figured this may tell me a little bit about why furnaces are most of the time placed in basements! I was looking all over the place and even reading up on installation of furnaces. And there was no information around or it wasn’t even mentioned why furnaces are always placed in people’s basements! Why is this? Can anyone out there actually tell me about this? I have no clue as to why furnaces always end up in basements. I will keep looking for the answer.

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