An ice cold house

My lovely husband and I had been procrastinating on getting our cooling system fixed for quite a few years, then it doesn’t usually get super hot here while I was in the warm season months, so we actually used a window equipment for the past few years just to keep our living room nice and cooled down! Both of us kept the downstairs cool by opening the windows and putting fans in them.

It worked quite well until this toasty season.

It is so much warmer this warm season than it has been in previous warm seasons. Most afternoons are in the upper eighties or mid eighties. We even went so far as to break a hundred degrees a couple of weeks ago, but that is just too warm for our hubby and me. Both of us cannot sit to be in the home when it is that warm, and the people I was with and I don’t have any cooling system. Both of us had some money saved up, and the people I was with and I were able to borrow some cash from a good friend of mine just to get our cooling system fixed. It was so much more fancy than the people I was with and I thought it would be, but the people I was with and I went ahead and did it anyways. Both of us will be paying our associate back for quite awhile I am sure, but she doesn’t care that much, however she truly said that the people I was with and I didn’t have to pay her back if she didn’t feel the need to. Both of us will be though, of course. It is truly chilly in our home now that the people I was with and I have a cooling system. My hubby loves to set the temperature control at sixty-5 degrees, and that is chilly because the people I was with and I were used to the home being around ninety degrees. I have to say that it is nice having a cooling system once again, even if it’s a little chillier than what I would enjoy the most.


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