An Experiment With My HVAC Filter

I tend to try the most unusual experiments when I think of different things.

My mind is always over working 24/7, and sometimes my ideas are totally off the wall, and sometimes they actually mean something.

When it comes to any ideas I have that can potentially save me money, I am all for trying them out, no matter how crazy they may be. My latest idea was one of those money saving ones. And, it was to see if I could take a general heating and air conditioning system filter, and clean it up myself, then reuse it. Of course, they have washable air filters, but those things just don’t have the lifespan that the regular HVAC air filters do. So, I figured why not try to clean a non-washable air filter? What I did was take a vacuum with the long tube extension on it, and try to vacuum up the dirt, grime and other junk off the air filter. Surprisingly, it seemed to have been working at first! I really thought I was on to something here that I was surprised no one else had ever thought of! Well, that moment of being proud of myself went down the toilet when I noticed the air filter was starting to fall apart the more I vacuumed it. Eventually, the air filter had a huge hole in the middle of it, and that was the end of the air filter! I guess my idea was stupid after all. The way I see it though, it was really worth the try.



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