An emergency HVAC repair

Just because the condenser is outside is no reason to neglect. I see this all the time with my neighbors, and honestly I’m amazed their central AC units are even still working. I guess it could be because no one actually knows how their heating and cooling equipment actually functions. Maybe if they did, they would take better care of it. The condenser is a vital part of the central air conditioning system. The many vents and slots in the metal which incase the entire unit, also known as the cabinet, are designed that way for a reason. The condenser is where hot gases get cooled with outside air, before traveling back into your house as cool and refreshing air. Think of your condenser like the cooling vent on your laptop–if you block it even for just a few minutes, it can begin to overheat. So what you think an incredibly complex and intricate system like your central air conditioning unit will do if it becomes too overheated all because someone couldn’t be bothered to mow the grass and pull back the weeds? An improperly cared for condenser can spell certain death for your entire central air conditioner if you’re not careful. I think the high cost of installing a new condenser or repairing components to my central AC is worth the sweat and effort of a little yard work. My insuring your AC condenser has maximum flow, you are also making your AC system is performing at its very best. Every month when you replace the air conditioning filter, make sure to check on the condenser, and you’ll have an awesome AC unit for years to come.

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