An awkward HVAC appointment

I honestly don’t know the reason why things such as this always happen to me, but for some unexplained reason I am always dealing with the most awkward and uncomfortable situations. For quite a while I thought that this was something everyone has to go through, however after the events that took place the other day I have no doubt that I have it the worse. A couple of days ago the air conditioning unit that I only had installed for a few months decided to break down on me. This is something which is extremely unlucky and frustrating as it is, but when I reached out to one of the local HVAC companies to schedule a service check they ended up sending out their one service tech who just so happened to be my ex boyfriend. Having a person in your home handling a project that is expensive and important is stressful on its own, but when the person is someone who you just broke up with a month ago is a completely different level. Forutantley my ex was able to stay professional and was even able to get the A/C unit up and running in a few hours. I think that being able to get the hell out of my house was some motivation for him to work quickly thinking about it now. He did such a good job that I might just reach out to this HVAC company again in the future, but this time around i’ll be sure to not be at home when he comes to do his job!



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