An awkward Heating & A/C date

I actually do not know the reason why things such as this always happen to me, but for some unexplained reason I am always dealing with the most awkward & uncomfortable situations, but for quite a while I thought that this was something all the people has to go through, but after the events that took site the other morning I have no doubt that I have it the worse… Only a couple of afternoons ago the air conditioner device that I only had installed for a few weeks decided to cut down on me.

This is something which is seriously unlucky & frustrating as it is, but when I reached out to a single of the local Heating & A/C companies to schedule a repair check they ended up sending out their a single repair tech who just so happened to be my ex wifey.

Having a person in your beach apartment handling a project that is expensive & important is stressful on its own, but when the person is someone who you just broke up with a month ago is a completely odd level. Forutantley my ex was able to stay professional & was even able to get the air conditioner device up & running in a few hours. I suppose that being able to get the hell out of my apartment was some motivation for him to work abruptly thinking about it now. He did such a good job that I might just reach out to this Heating & A/C business again in the future, but this time around i’ll be sure to not be at beach apartment when he comes to do his job!



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