Always time for cake

I have to spend every other weekend on call with my company. I’ve been working with the company for a year now, but I am still required to work every other week. Sometimes it’s slow and quiet, and other times I will be busy all day and all night. Last weekend, things were slow until Saturday evening. I had two emergency A/C calls at the same time. The first A/C problem was an easy fix. Their A/C component was low on Freon. Once I added some refrigerant, cold air was once again blowing from the air vent. The other A/C problem was a bit more complex. The customer called in a frantic panic, because it was the evening of her son’s 16th birthday party. They had 50 guests in the house, and no cold A/C. I knew that call would be lengthy, because the situation seemed dire. I ask the customer about the AC component symptoms, and they described a problem that is typical with a blown motor. If that was the case, they would have no A/C during the party. I arrived during the first half hour of the party, and guess we’re still flooding into the place. The door was open and closed 50 times, and I wondered if that was the true nature of the problem. I found the A/C component, and I performed a routine investigation of all the main parts. I normally start in the same place, and that is the thermostat. A lot of people have thermostat issues, and that can be the number one cause. I didn’t find any problems with the thermostat, and it didn’t take long before I diagnose a faulty blower motor.

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