Always make sure to fix your broken furnace in the winter time

I hope there never comes a day when my furnace stops working.

I hope I never have to know that feeling. A lot of money goes into the repair a furnace. Hopefully that doesn’t happen in the middle of Winter, because then you also have to account for emergency fees involved in getting a Heating, Ventilation and A/C worker to your house faster than on any other day. If you ever left your furnace in an inoperable state, within an afternoon or so, your house would drop to around 10-15 degrees if it is in fact the winter time. It would just continue getting colder from there, until it matched the temperature outside.This would cause a lot of trouble in your home. Your furnace is the only thing preventing your water pipes from freezing over from the cold weather. Without your furnace provided heat, your water pipes would be the first to go, leaving you with no hot water. The next thing to happen would be your water pipes to expanding and bursting. Once you get your furnace fixed and turned on, the water will start leaking out of the pipes. This is why people always leave their furnace on during the winter months. You have to protect the water pipes, especially if you have hardwood floors. The cold temperatures would also cause the wood to expand, and then you can say “bye-bye” to your floors because they would just buckle.You’d end up spending way more money fixing all the damages caused by the broken furnace you chose to ignore, than if you were to fix the furnace as soon as it broke. Don’t waste time when it comes to something like that.

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