Alone and I want the a/c on

I hardly ever get to stay home by myself! I’m married to my second wife and we have 5 children between us. So being at home alone is certainly something of a rarity. I really do like being at home by myself occasionally, though. I like to watch my own shows on TV, eat and drink straight from the cartons, curse out loud if I want to, and just listen to the silence in the house when all the people are gone. It’s so nice and peaceful! One of the other things that I like about staying home alone might sound deranged to you, but I consider it to be a great perk! I like to turn the temperature on our temperature control down as far as it will go.  Everyone in my family is always cold and they are consistently complaining about how they are cold, even in the middle of Summer! It just makes me crazy, because I am a legitimately hot-blooded person. That’s why when all the people are out of the house, I immediately go to the digital temperature control and watch with delight as I turn the temperature down, down, down. Then I like to back on our bed, watch ghost hunting shows, and eat ice cream while the cool air from the air conditioning vents blow right down onto my head. It’s a glorious feeling! However I have to jump up and reset the temperature control back to it’s normal setting just before my wife and kids get home. They consistently comment on how the air conditioning must be malfunctioning because it’s consistently so cold when they come back in the house. It’s just a  little private HVAC joke, though. I let them suffer in the cold for a while, since I’m usually suffering from all of the warm air coming from our air ducts!

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