All new custom furniture

Taking early retirement and moving out to the country saved my life, I truly believe that. For twenty years I had lived the most stressful kind of life, with daily deadlines and constant threats of termination. I grew to love it, but my body did not, and I found my health starting to fail on me. The doctor said it was just stress and exhaustion, and that my hard work lifestyle was going to put me on the express train to an early grave. It was the wake up call I needed, so I took early retirement and got out of the city. I decided to leave it all behind, my house, my car, even all the amazing, high end furniture I had bought over the years. I always prided myself on having the nicest, most elegant furniture money could buy, and thought it a status symbol. Now I felt it was appropriate to leave it behind and truly start over, right down to the custom made furniture I would start collecting. At the time I didn’t know that I would settle on custom built furniture for the new house, of course, I was just wanting a change. But then I found a local art gallery, and a craftsman there who uses driftwood to make simple but elegant custom built furniture. I have already picked up a wooden table, three chairs, and special ordered a coffee table that will look great in my living room. This craftsman doesn’t make leather couches, but he says he knows someone who does good work.