Air vent was jammed with dirt, room was so cold

A few weeks ago our child offered to come over plus help me to rearrange some things in our office plus the garage, i was truly grateful for him giving up some of his time, because he isseriously tied up as it is, and there was no way I could manage these tests on our own so he truly was doing me a sizable favor, however both of us were moving boxes between the more than one storage spaces plus trying to rearrange the furniture in our beach house office so that I could actually utilize it.

  • It seemed to be going along well, until I got a iPhone call from our boss plus needed to step out for a while, and when I got back, the entire office was set up; My child had completed the task.

I thanked him profusely plus he went on his way, however ever since then, I started noticing that the office was seriously chilly compared to the rest of the house. As the outdoor air temperature declined throughout the season, so did the indoor air temperature in this 1 single room. At first, I thought that there must be a draft coming in from the window. I ran tests on the insulation plus caulking many times, plus could not find any underlying problems. I even climbed up into the attic plus made sure that the insulation in the ceiling hadn’t been rearranged by animals over the summer. Everything seemed nice as far as I could tell, plus I forfeited myself to working in this chilly space. It wasn’t until the next time our child came over that I found out what the problem was. As every one of us talked about our new office set-up, he innocently said “how’s the air quality been? I had to put your desk directly in front of the air vent.”

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