Air purifier helps with IAQ

A few months ago, they started construction on a new high-rise apartment building. Unfortunately, the high-rise apartment building is going to be located a few blocks away from my business. Ever since construction began, the indoor air quality has been awful. There is twice as much dust in the air. When it settles on our surfaces, it is white and chalky. It’s clear this is dust from the drywall. The high-rise apartment building still has several months of construction left, so I decided to buy an air purifier to keep in the office. The air purifier is 36 in tall and circular in shape. It blows air in 360 degree directions. The thing moves in a circular counter clockwise pattern, sucking in air from one side and filtering it out through the other. The air purifier has two different air filters inside of the machine. There is a small air filter by the intake vents. There is another air filter near the top of the air purifier, where the air vents are located. The larger air filter needs to be changed monthly, but the small one only needs to be changed every 90 days. I think the air purifier is really going to help the indoor air quality in this building. Some of my business associates have started to complain about the indoor air quality problems as well, and I can safely report that the air purifier is a great solution to the problem. Since the construction will be finished in a few months, a portable air purifier will work much better than spending a lot of money on a whole air filtration system.