Air continues circulating

My best friend decided to buy a house that was out in the boonies.  She was always trying to talk me into visiting her, so I finally gave in and showed up at her door one day.  Normally, I can’t stand travelling. I had a couple of days off, and it was going to be a great weekend, so I made the decision to show up at her door.  I couldn’t believe how beautiful it was in the country. I was thinking how nice it would be sit around and catch up everything that had been happening. We had an amazing first two days, but then the weather forecast came on.  It was actually more of a weather warning, because they were warning people of severe weather. There was going to be high winds, and several inches of rain, along with heavy thunder and a lot of lightning. I feared tornadoes, but she said she was too high in the mountains to get a tornado.  At least I felt good about something. We had been enjoying the air conditioning, over the last couple of days, and suddenly the AC wasn’t doing any good. The humidity was so high, and the air pressure had dropped so low, that it felt like the air conditioning wasn’t even working. When the storm started, the lights flickered, and then the electricity went out.  We didn’t have the air conditioning now, and the air was really thick. We wanted to open windows, but it was raining too hard. Then we began to hear weird noises in the dark. We had ourselves spooked before the lights came back on. We jumped in the air when we heard the air conditioning turn back on, because we knew we were going to be okay.

heat and AC