Air conditioning after a long day

I work as a camp counselor during the summer. We spend a majority of the day outside, which gets exhausting. As much as I love being out in the sun, it can really wear you out quickly. I am constantly trying to stay cool and hydrated, but it’s difficult, especially since there is no relief inside. Our indoor facility does not have any air conditioning, which is by far the most difficult part of my job. The kids complain of the heat as well. I’d rather be outside than in that hot, stuffy building because at least then I have a chance of catching a breeze. As much as I love my job, I find myself hot, sticky, and completely out of energy when the end of the day comes. The best part of my day is walking through the door and being met by my air conditioned home. I have a smart thermostat, so I am able to adjust the temperature settings from anywhere using my phone or laptop. To save money on energy bills, I turn off my air conditioning when I leave in the morning to go to camp. When there is about an hour left of camp, I sneak off and go on my phone to adjust the temperature settings. I blast the air conditioning in preparation for my arrival after the long day. When I come home, the house feels as though the air has been running all day long, but I save a fortune. I usually soak up the blasting cool air for a solid thirty minutes to an hour. Finally, I adjust the settings and turn the air conditioning down to low. By that point, I am cooled off and the house is comfortable.